Resources Area

This is the area of the Camtree site where the current versions of guides, templates and other resources are located. This will grow as the site develops further. Currently, the resources are organised into three main areas, as shown here.

Future resources will include:

  • Library guides
  • Methods guides for classroom research
  • Recommended resources from other providers
  • Camtree materials in translation

Camtree Report Templates

Report templates and other resources to support writing up educational inquiries for publication

Camtree Learning Resources

Learning materials, handbooks and links to other sources of information

Camtree General Documents

Information about Camtree, model terms and conditions documents, technical guides and more.

Research Report Templates and Support Materials

Templates for reports to be submitted to the Camtree Digital Library, with outlines, advice and prompts to help you write your research report. Other materials include advice documents and examples of reports annotated with reviewer comments.

Research Report Templates

Research Report Template

A generic report template for close-to-practice research inquiries including studies of classroom dialogue (Word, Version 2.0: 01/2023).

Research Lesson Study Report Template

A report template designed to support and report research lesson studies, with sections for changes to practice and case pupils (Word, Version 2.0: 01/2023).

Dissertation-to-Report Template

A report template designed to help translate a Masters’ dissertation into a research report (Word, Version 2.0: 01/2023).

Support Materials

The Camtree dissertation-to-report guide

A guide for Masters’ level students who want to translate their dissertation or thesis into a practitioner report in Camtree format. Includes advice and an interview with a Camtree author. To be read alongside the Dissertation-to-Report Template.

What makes a good research report?

An annotated version of a research report – now in the Camtree Digital Library – showing how it fulfils the quality criteria for publication – coming soon

Quality criteria

A guide to the quality criteria established by Camtree for published research reports, based on the guidance used by our peer reviewers – coming soon

Camtree Learning Resources

As Camtree develops learning materials and online courses, related resources will appear here. For now, these links will take you to existing resources which are being developed for integration into Camtree.


The Teacher Scheme for Educational Dialogue Analysis (T-SEDA) is part of the work of CEDiR: Cambridge Educational Dialogue Research Group at the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education. It provides resources including handbooks and coding schemes in English, Spanish and Chinese.

The handbooks are available as PDF downloads here:

Handbooks in other formats, support materials and coding schemes are available at the T-SEDA website.

There is also a collection of resources from the CEDiR research group. These clips show teacher and student dialogue in the classroom from a number of research projects, analysed using different coding schemes.

Research Lesson Study

Camtree is building on work led by Dr. Pete Dudley and currently online at the website.

This site has examples of research lesson studies from around the United Kingdom, and you can also download the current version of the Lesson Study Handbook. There are also links to translations of the handbook and versions for Early Years practitioners, together with related resources about research lesson study and its role in school improvement.

General Documents

General documents about Camtree and information for Camtree Partners.


What is Camtree?

An introductory briefing document about Camtree and its aims.

The Camtree Digital Library

An introduction to the Camtree Digital Library.

Camtree Library

General Service Description

Library Terms and Conditions

These documents set out the general terms, conditions and service description for library collections. These are supplemented by a partner-specific service specification.

Library End User Agreement

The terms under which content is deposited in, and retrieved, from the Camtree digital library.