Camtree Team

Camtree Team

The Camtree project is based at Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge, where it is part of the Digital Education Futures Initiative (DEFI).

The project team is led by Dr. Peter Dudley and Professor Sara Hennessy, both of who are also members of the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education.

Dr. Peter Dudley
Camtree CEO

Dr Peter Dudley has a track record of success leading and innovating in school systems and national policy as well as researching and evaluating these changes. He has been president of the Singapore-based World Association of Lesson Studies for five years representing over 50 countries working closely with leaders in this field worldwide. As National Director of the last UK Labour government’s National Strategies for education he created WhatWorksWell – a forerunner of Camtree that attracted huge national and international audiences and participation.

As a senior member of the National College for School Leadership’s Networked Learning Communities programme, he developed Research Lesson Study, a UK variant of Japanese lesson study, which is now used in over 12,000 schools across the UK, Europe and Asia. As Director of Education in the London Borough of Camden, he led the creation of the successful not-for-profit, schools company ‘Camden Learning’ which harnesses schools partnership-led professional knowledge creation and mobilisation as a core driver of change and improvement. He is senior member of Hughes Hall and education leadership lecturer at the Faculty of Education. 

Prof. Sara Hennessy
Camtree Deputy CEO

Dr Sara Hennessy is Professor of Teacher Development and Pedagogical Innovation in the Faculty of Education at the University of Cambridge. She is a Research Director of the EdTech Hub, a multi-million pound 8-year FCDO-funded programme investigating the potential for using educational technology to raise outcomes for marginalised learners in low-income countries. She has been researching in the area of educational technology use in classrooms for more than three decades and is an Editor of the British Journal of Educational Technology. Outputs include open, multimedia professional learning resources (e.g.

Sara is also co-founder and co-leader of the interdisciplinary Cambridge Educational Dialogue Research (CEDiR) group. She collaborates with teachers as researchers, bridging research and practice, and co-leads the Teacher-SEDA programme. The team has developed resources supporting teacher inquiry into dialogic practices that have been used by over 300 teachers in at least 8 countries.

Dr. Patrick Carmichael
Managing Director

Patrick Carmichael is Managing Director of Camtree. Originally a school teacher, he has worked in teacher education and education research, and has particular interests in the role of digital technologies in education systems. As Head of Evaluation at the University of Cambridge’s Centre for Applied Research in Educational Technologies from 2005-2008, and then as Professor of Educational Research at Liverpool John Moores University, he directed a number of projects that explored the potential of the semantic web (‘Web 3.0’) and linked data technologies to enhance teaching, learning and research.

He was then Professor of Teacher Education and Director of Research Development at the University of Bedfordshire until 2018. His most recent research has explored how higher education systems might respond to the changing world of work.


Dr. Alison Twiner
Research Associate

Dr Alison Twiner is a Research Associate with the DEFI CamTREE team, based at Hughes Hall. She has keen research and development interests in the educational use of various digital technologies; supporting effective communication in teaching and learning interactions; and supporting teachers’ developing pedagogy. Alison is a member of the Faculty of Education’s Cambridge Educational Dialogue Research Group (CEDiR), and associated TechCEDiR.

Alison joined Hughes Hall in 2021 when she was based in the Faculty of Education, engaged in two research and development projects working to support and embed links between the world of work and secondary education: Virtual Internships, and Gaming2Development.

Maria McElroy
Senior Administrator

Maria McElroy is Senior Administrator of Camtree.

Her career has involved a variety of roles in the education sector, most significantly as Schools Liaison Officer at the University of Waikato, and Queens’ College, Cambridge from 2010 – 2021.

Maria enjoyed completing her Masters of Education from the University of Cambridge in 2019.


The Camtree team is supported by a Development Panel and an Advisory Group, both of which have members who bring to the project a wealth of expertise and experience in teaching, educational leadership, policy formation and education research.

Development Panel

The Camtree Development Group acts as a reference group, providing advice, insights and critical friendship to the Camtree team.

Farah Ahmed
University of Cambridge Faculty of Education

Meaghan Brugha
Jigsaw Consulting

Elisa Calcagni
Friedrich-Schiller University of Jena

Paula Teixeira da Castro
University of Cambridge Faculty of Education

Julia Citron
Cambridge Partnership for Education

Ruth Kershner
University of Cambridge Faculty of Education

Ying Ji 颖 纪
University of Cambridge Faculty of Education and Unibridge International

Qian Liu 刘 倩
University of Cambridge Faculty of Education and Xiniu EdTech

James Mannion
Rethinking Education

Hannah Owen
University of Cambridge Faculty of Education

Joy Parke
Active Learning Trust

Omid Shiraji