Educational Dialogue e-Learning Modules Launched

Educational Dialogue e-Learning Modules Launched

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By Camtree Team

Three brand new e-learning modules are now available here if you are registered with Camtree – registration is free. These modules are at an introductory level and it should take about 25 – 30 minutes to complete each one.

The first course D101: What is educational dialogue? introduces the idea of educational dialogue and T-SEDA; the Toolkit for Systematic Educational Dialogue Analysis. In D102: How dialogic is your practice? you are invited to explore the nature of dialogue in our own educational setting. The third course, D103: Reflective inquiry with T-SEDA introduces the T-SEDA inquiry cycle and the benefits of conducting an inquiry can have to learner outcomes in your setting.

Further modules are being developed, with D200: T-SEDA – A model for inquiry being the next due to be launched. This will be a self-paced course for individuals or groups of educators interested in exploring the use of dialogue, or testing a dialogic intervention in their settings, and guides the user to create a full report which can be published in the Camtree library.

Also launched is our module on Ethics in Close-to-Practice Research – again, free to registered Camtree members.