Camtree, the Cambridge Teacher Research Exchange, is a new global platform for close to practice research in education.

Based at Hughes Hall, University of Cambridge, Camtree draws on high-quality research from around the world to support educators in carrying out inquiries to improve learning in their own classrooms and organisations.

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Camtree is developing high-quality research resources to support close-to-practice inquiry. These are based on world-leading research from the University of Cambridge Faculty of Education and other centres of expertise worldwide.

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Our digital library will allow teachers to publish their research and make it globally accessible. Find out how to share your work and about our plans to support research synthesis and policy-making based on teacher research.

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What is Camtree?

Close-to-Practice Research

A growing body of evidence demonstrates that a highly effective way of improving pupil outcomes in schools is for teachers to conduct informed, collaborative classroom research into the learning of their students. Through collaborative approaches to inquiry and innovation, teachers develop greater shared awareness of how their curriculum and teaching are affecting pupils’ learning and exactly what needs to be done to improve it.

The Camtree Vision

Our vision is that teachers will be able to contribute to a growing knowledge base of pedagogical innovations that can inform policy, practice and improve learning outcomes for all – especially the most vulnerable and disadvantaged. By developing a growing global community of active classroom practitioner-researchers and leaders sharing their work, Camtree will promote improved learning outcomes in classrooms world-wide.

The Camtree Platform

Our research exchange platform will enable teachers to learn with, from, and on behalf of, like-minded colleagues around the world as they develop research studies and innovations. Teachers will be able to draw on online courses, webinars and expert advice, as well as examples of effective ‘close-to-practice’ research from other teachers. And they will be able share and publish their research in our free-to-access digital library.

Camtree will be the world’s first platform that helps teachers and school leaders to improve learning in this way.

Learning at all Levels

Camtree supports learning and knowledge creation at all levels from the individual to the global.

Individual Practitioners

By supporting and exchanging collaborative and close-to-practice (CTP) research, Camtree helps develop the knowledge and understanding of practitioners about how their learners are learning, so they can make changes to their teaching and curriculum, and so improve educational experiences and outcomes.

Communities and Networks

Camtree supports learning within, beyond and between educational settings (whether these are nurseries, schools, colleges, universities or workplaces), and networks of these settings. It recognises the networked nature of educational practice and provides virtual meeting spaces and shared resources for networked learning.

Societal and Global Effects

Camtree is a vital new source of information for education policy analysis and development. It is developing a knowledge base, built from Camtree’s practitioner research library of practitioner research from around the world, and makes it easy for practitioners to contribute to collective knowledge about education.

Camtree: a Global and Inclusive Platform for Educational Research

Our intention is to develop a digital platform, learning communities, and learning resources that have the greatest possible reach and impact around the world. This has informed both our choices of the online tools we use and our approach to web design. Camtree is committed to:


We will try our best to reduce bandwidth requirements and loading times of Camtree content, in order make it accessible via low-bandwidth connections and to users who have to pay for metered data.

So you will find no auto-playing video content, images are used sparingly and only to add value, and resource download sizes will be clearly indicated.


The Camtree platform will support users of computers, tablets and mobile phones and will minimise the requirements to download or install additional software to access Camtree content.

For users with intermittent access to the internet, we will provide downloadable versions of learning materials and other content.


Camtree will build the platform and our resources to World Wide Web Consortium WCAG standards to maximise accessibility for those with visual and other impairments.

Accordingly, resources will be provided in multiple formats, so (for example) video content will be accompanied by text transcripts.


Camtree will provide translations of key content where possible and where this is not possible, will provide materials in easy-to-translate formats.

If you would like to work with us to translate our resources we would be very happy to hear from you.