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Camtree, the Cambridge Teacher Research Exchange, is a new global platform for close-to-practice research in education.

Based at Hughes Hall at the University of Cambridge, Camtree draws on high-quality research from around the world to support educators in carrying out inquiries to improve learning in their own classrooms and organisations.

Our unique open-access digital library allows educators to publish research reports and read about the work of others, and will inform policy and practice at all levels from local to global.

Find out more about the Camtree project and team, our values and principles, and our plans to develop Camtree as a global resource for educators, education leaders, researchers and policymakers.

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Why Camtree?

The Evidence

A growing body of evidence demonstrates that a highly effective way of improving learner outcomes is for educators to conduct inquiries into the learning of their students.

Through collaborative approaches to inquiry and innovation, educators develop greater shared awareness of how their curriculum and teaching are affecting learning, and what needs to be done to improve it.

“Whether you are a prospective teacher at the dawn of your teaching career or a veteran teacher with years of experience facing new educational challenges everyday, teacher inquiry becomes a powerful vehicle for learning and reform.”

– from The Reflective Educator′s Guide to Classroom Research

The Vision

Our vision is that teachers will be able to contribute to a growing knowledge base of pedagogical innovations that can inform policy, practice and improve learning outcomes for all: especially the most vulnerable and disadvantaged.

By developing a growing global community of active classroom practitioner-researchers and leaders sharing their work, Camtree will promote improved learning outcomes in classrooms world-wide.

“Teachers make a major contribution to the improvement of student learning outcomes … Education is a shared societal endeavour, which implies an inclusive process of public policy formulation and implementation.”

UNESCO, Incheon Declaration, 2015

The Camtree Platform

Our digital platform will enable teachers to learn with, from, and on behalf of, like-minded colleagues around the world as they develop research studies and innovations. Teachers will be able to draw on online courses, webinars and expert advice, as well as examples of ‘close-to-practice’ research from other teachers. And they will be able to publish their own research in our free-to-access digital library.

Camtree will be the first global platform that helps educators and school leaders to improve learning in this way.

As teachers, it’s really useful to all of us to share our practice and share our research, as a community. We can all learn from each other and the practice we have and ask: “Could I translate that into my classroom?

Camtree Author

Working with Camtree

Camtree enables learning and knowledge creation at all levels from the individual to the global. Here’s how we can support your professional development, help you design and carry out inquiries, and publish the outcomes of close-to-practice research.

For teachers and educators

Learn about models of close-to-practice research and carry out inquiries into your practice.

Use our templates to write up your classroom inquiries, or use our resources to transform your dissertation or thesis into a Camtree research report.

Publish your research reports – following peer review – in the Camtree Digital Library.

For schools and other educational settings

Use Camtree resources to support professional development for individuals or across your organisation.

Ask us about professional development and training for school leadership teams or whole staff – face-to-face or online.

Set up your own collection in the Camtree Digital library to share and showcase your close-to-practice research.

For teacher educators and training providers

Camtree offers models of classroom inquiry, lesson study and action research to complement your existing provision.

Use Camtree resources and models of inquiry to support trainee and teacher projects and dissertations.

Enhance your programmes by enabling trainees and teachers to publish in your own collection in the Camtree Digital Library.

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Camtree Library: Latest

Some recent publications added to the Camtree Digital Library! To view these in the library use the permalink – it will open in a new window.

St Aloysius’ Catholic Infant School Lesson Study Group,: A study into how children can effectively use models and images to help understand place value
Setting: Primary education, United Kingdom  Added: 27-06-2023  Permalink:

Patrick, Victoria: Camden Cultural Commissioning Model
Setting: Primary education, United Kingdom  Added: 08-06-2023  Permalink:

: Careers Event at Christ Church, NW3
Setting: Primary education, United Kingdom  Added: 08-06-2023  Permalink:

Ogunlabi, Idowu: Analytical Writing in year 10 Media Studies
Setting: Upper secondary education, United Kingdom  Added: 08-06-2023  Permalink:

Stainton, Julia: Anti-Bullying Champions at Rhyl Primary School
Setting: Primary education, United Kingdom  Added: 08-06-2023  Permalink:

Summercorn, Ashley: Camden Cultural Commissioning Project: GCSE Art at Camden Centre for Learning
Setting: Upper secondary education, United Kingdom  Added: 08-06-2023  Permalink:

Constantinou, Jo: Building Maths strategy confidence through knowing, using and applying
Setting: Primary education, United Kingdom  Added: 07-06-2023  Permalink:

Mason, Tim: Big improvements in maths GCSE attainment without specialists
Setting: Upper secondary education, United Kingdom  Added: 02-06-2023  Permalink: