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Camtree – the Cambridge Teacher Research Exchange – is a new global platform for close-to-practice research in education. Its mission is to support, promote and publish ‘close-to-practice’ educational research by educators to improve teaching and lead to better outcomes for learners worldwide. Camtree is the world’s first platform that helps teachers and educational leaders both to improve learning and share their knowledge.

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.. from other teachers’ innovations and inquiries and our e-learning modules

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.. robust inquiries with the potential to improved teaching and learning

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.. your practice and the impact it has on learners and their learning

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.. your findings and their implications for educators and learners worldwide


Learn about models of close-to-practice research and carry out inquiries into your practice.

Use our online resources to write up your classroom inquiries or transform your dissertation or thesis into a Camtree research report.

Publish your work – following peer review – in the Camtree Digital Library and contribute to a global knowledge network.


Camtree can support inquiry-focussed professional development and improvement programmes – face-to-face or online – for you and your staff.

Connect with other Camtree partners and set up your own collection in the Camtree Digital library – as a knowledge base for your staff and a showcase of innovation and inquiries across your school, college, or network.


Camtree offers models of educational inquiry, lesson study and action research to complement your existing provision.

Use Camtree resources, easily integrated into your LMS, to support trainee and teacher projects and dissertations.

Enhance your programmes by enabling trainees and teachers to publish in your own collection in the Camtree Digital Library.


At the heart of the Camtree platform is our unique, open-access digital library. Based on the world-leading DSpace 7 platform, this is the first such library dedicated to the publication of teacher research.

Screenshot of the Camtree Digital Library

Why publish with Camtree?

A permanent, secure home for teacher research in a growing collection with worldwide reach and impact.

Hosted collections for Camtree Partners. Contact us to discuss hosting or migrating existing collections to Camtree.

No publication charges to individual authors.

Publication of reports under a Creative Commons CC-BY ‘attribution’ licence

Peer review and formative feedback, provided by experienced, Camtree-trained reviewers.

Readership statistics and analytics for collections and items.

Who’s working with Camtree?

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Dipont Education is Camtree’s Founding Partner. Dipont has been a pioneer in the development and localization of international education since the 1990s. In addition to establishing and managing schools with Chinese and international partners, Dipont also provides innovative curricular and co-curricular programmes across China.

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Camtree launches the Think-Talk Toolbox

Camtree has launched a new resource – the Think-Talk Toolbox (TTT) – to help teachers to promote deep thinking, creativity, and effective teamwork. The Toolbox developed by Camtree Researcher Dr. Ji Ying features a balanced emphasis on thinking and talking skills and closely aligns with models of life competencies, transferable skills and 21st Century Learning.

Chinese Students in Unique Exchange

Camtree contributed to a unique exchange programme in which teacher trainees from Beijing Normal University’s Zhuhai Campus spent a month working in a Cambridgeshire primary school. The students spent a week at Hughes Hall learning about the UK’s education system and the role of teacher inquiry, before their placements at Meridian Primary School in Comberton.

Educational Dialogue e-Learning Modules Launched

Three brand new e-learning modules are now available here if you are registered with Camtree. The courses introduce the idea of educational dialogue, T-SEDA, and include a self-audit tool.